Thursday, January 13, 2011

On blogging and crusty shoes

Having been working like a madwoman on too many jobs to count, I have laxed in the blogging department.

However, while I am waiting for all manner of wooden, caulk, hot glue, marshmallow clay, plaster bandage, and neoprene to dry, it seemed like a grand time to start up again.

Now, I know you've heard of most of these items, but there is one fickle little monster you very likely do not know. I am speaking of neoprene.

This lovely substance is very useful in the mask-making world. It makes a somewhat flexible, but very strong material, perfect for props belonging to touring shows, where children might throw said items on the floor and/or stomp on them.

Because of these attributes, it is ideal for pouring into moulds and constructing into mask/heads that are to be attached to poles, and will be traveling the country to the delight of such small gentle beasts

Thats all well and good, unless you happen to get some on your shoes, clothes, or hands. If you wash it off quickly, it's not so much of an issue, but if it falls in a chunk on the top of your shoe and you do not notice, it will remain there until the end of time.

Not that it happened to me.
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