Monday, July 20, 2009

Naked Lemons

I've started to make a bottle of my very own limoncello. I got the recipe from a book by my favorite travel writer, Frances Mayes. She lists a well-loved recipe that is well established in her small Italian community, so it must be good. There are lemon peels percolating in some VERY strong grain alcohol right this very minute. In about a week I'll strain the newly flavored alcohol, add a simple syrup, chill, and viola - summer in a glass. If you're nice, maybe I'll share.

I used the naked lemons to make a grapefruit lemonade.

My balcony garden is coming along nicely. I've had many glasses of mint iced tea, and my basil is trying to take over the world. My tomatoes are still green, however.

Big news - Grant got me a new lens for my camera, and I'm excited to take some rockstar photos of the cabin in the summer this weekend.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Watercolor girl

Nothing going on = no posts. I've been having a lazy summer. Almost too lazy.

But lately - I've gotten on a water-coloring kick. I haven't really done much water-coloring in my life. I just tend to mess around with it every once an a while. Although painting backdrops on canvas can be quite similar. Water-coloring is nice, because it dries very fast, so the pieces moves along quickly.

Here's some of the fun.

Window out on the shed out by Uncle Bri & Aunt Sherrie's cabin:

The cabin in winter:

Pretty Butterfly:

And since I was messing around - I thought I should try to get some work done. I wanted to see how my Elsa from Dustbin Children would look in watercolors. She looks awesome! Much more exciting, Don't you think?

I've already re-done three of the illustrations. And hopefully more today!

PS: Grant is 6'4" - I always thought he was 6'2"...... freak...