Thursday, May 13, 2010

All's Quiet

Haven't had very much going on, since summer officially began for Grant and me.

Watching a lot of 30Rock, hit the library yesterday, loving the consistent morning yoga. Can't wait until the weather is actually warm.

But because I post pictures in almost every post I do, here are some sketches I did on the couch Sunday night while watching a marathon of Eureka. I decided that this summer I gotta get my freehand sketching back in some sort of shape - gotta work those sketching muscles or they atrophy. They're not perfect, but I actually did better than I thought I would. Haven't really done these type of sketches since Drawing 1.



Matt said...

I wonder how many hands have ever been drawn by all the art students in the world.

The Mind of Sue said...

most likely, hundreds of thousands