Thursday, April 29, 2010

Susan, the Insufferable Know-It-All

Sometimes I feel like an Insufferable Know-It-All. And I apologize, profusely.

I know that each and every one of you have come under the fire of this stupid "Thinks She Knows it all."

Here's my problem, and also my merit: I want the best. And I will stop at no amount of knowledge to attain it. (It's a gift, and a curse).

I tend to become interested in something, and want to know everything about it. So I research and research and eventually come out at the "best" way of doing something. Examples include, but are not limited to: Latex paint, aging techniques, Neil Gaiman, JM Barrie, living "green," making bread, italian food (and Italy in general), french food, and now living "primally." I'm sure you could list a hundred more. And I probably have done more research on all of these subjects then most everyone who actually read my blog. You've probably gotten soapbox speeches on several of these things, just by knowing me (and from Grant - he is one of my kind).

BUT you also know that if you have surpassed me or know all about something I have no idea about, but are very interested in, you've experienced what happens on rare occasions. My rapt and completely undivided (and somewhat rapacious) attention. I know it must be intense, because of the looks I have gotten while I've been giving it - a kind of deer in headlights, but still interested in sharing, look. My head might have started to behave like a sponge - sound familiar?

I'm just completely obsessed with all things "best." You know I refuse to drink diet soda or diet anything ("the dark side," as my Dad calls it), I'm usually extremely uninterested in things over-processed (artificial nacho cheese being my utter weakness). It's probably where my DIY impulses come from - especially in the kitchen. When unpronounceable ingredients are in the list of ingredients, I tend to lose interest. It's probably why I love Alton Brown so much. He gives me the science behind everything - which appeals to the cook, and the geek, inside of me.

I have to get back to my baking french bread, and my tiramisu, so I've got to cut this short.

But I love you all.
And I'm so
so sorry

for being an

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Ashley said...

I don't think there is any fault in "knowing it all" or wanting to know it all! :) I love that about you. I know that if I have a question about food or cooking or being healthier, that I can go to you and you will either have the answer or know where to find it! I love that! Also...there are definitely areas of my life in which I feel the same way as you and I sometimes wonder if people will be annoyed with my "talking-way-too-fast-about-things-that-i-think i/want to-know-everything-about" :) but hey! WE ARE MAVENS. Hear us roar. :)