Saturday, July 17, 2010

New phones are wonderful

And decently easy to blog from.

I got a Droid Incredible and I love it! It's like Grant and Jason's, but smaller, more Sue-size.

Nothing much to report in life. It will probably be a pretty slow week until Saturday, when we head down to Hilton Head.

Still loving the Kindle. I feel like technology girl.

I still need a name for my phone, so if you have any ideas, leave them in the comments.

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jason said...

How about one of the characters from The Incredibles?

The Mind of Sue said...

Good suggestion, but then my choices would be Helen or Violet.

I decided on Penny, cuz its a fun name, plus it makes me think of Penny from Inspector Gadget and how I always wanted her computer book.

Matt said...

I vote TC-14 (from the opening scene of Phantom Menace.

strud said...

I was thinking something Star-Wars-Ish since it's a droid :)

The Mind of Sue said...

duh - i can't name her Penny. I just remembered we named something at work Penny.

Naming something after a droid doesn't really fit into my normal technology naming pattern.

Although I will consider E-TD or Guri.