Friday, July 9, 2010

Quincy Cover

Grant, who is the super-coolest, most wonderful one, has crafted me this fine cover for Quincy.

I decided that I wanted something handmade, instead of just buying a cover. The moleskin I had was just a hair too small, so I went in search of a book that would be just the right size, and wouldn't break my heart to tear apart.

I found several books that would be just the right size, but were near and dear to me - The Fire Cat (no way you could ever get me to pull that one apart!), Blitz, the Story of a Horse (another childhood favorite).

I settled on an old hardcover copy of The Bus Station Mystery - a Boxcar Children book. Don't worry, it's not a first edition or anything. I already have a paperback copy of it, anyway. And it was the exact right size:

Isn't it great! Grant did all the cutting and glueing and assembling. He did a much better job than I would of. Cuz he's the best one.

AND - the pages of the book are still all assembled and stuck together, so I could make them a cover and it would still be an entire book - take that Dad!


Jen said...

Grant IS the best one. wow.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this.